About Me


Chizuko Horman | 宝曼 智津子


I am a freelance graphic and web designer, and illustrator. I work in Sydney Australia and Tokyo Japan. My current base is in Sydney since 2008.

I studied product design at  Tama Art University in Tokyo Japan. While I was a student  I was a member of the design group  ”+1%” and I exhibited many prototype products. After I graduated from university I established design the label “Ranch Box” with Hitoshi Nakanishi in 2003. We exhibited at Milano Salone[Salone Satellite] in Milan Italy in 2004. In 2007 I started working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. In April 2008 I moved to Sydney Australia.

My current works are graphic design of printed matter, web design using CSS and illustrations for books.  Some of my works are available here.



摩美術大学在学中プロダクトデザインを学び、同期生5人によるプロダクトデザインユニット「+1%」として、各展示会にてプロトタイプ作品を発表。大学卒業後、2003年に中西仁史氏とデザインレーベル「Ranch Box」を設立。2004年、ミラノサローネ サテリテ出展。フランクフルトメッセLight+Buildingほか参加。


2008年4月、拠点を東京都新宿区からオーストラリア シドニーへ移動。